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Our Philosophy


Many people love music, but few truly take the time to appreciate it.


Instead of turning on the radio, enjoy live classical music while you wind down after a long day or week. And for those with young children, playing classical music in the home can help to foster a love of music at an early age. If you want to add a bit of class and sophistication to your life, Monthly Melody is here to help.

Monthly Melody is a music service that brings live classical music to the comfort of your home. We audition and hand select each of our talented performers to ensure musical excellence.


Each of our musicians work flexibly with you to cater to your listening needs. Whether you select Sara to perform violin at your friends birthday party, or Armon to play cello for the kids every Friday, we are client driven and will work fluidly with you to add classical strings into your life.


To offer a luxurious listening experience.

To bring live music back into homes.

To share the beauty of string instruments.


Cello. Violin. Harp.

Right to your home.

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

(or one time!)

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